H Kristina Andersson

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The objective of this study was to evaluate the long-term effect of a gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) vaccine, Improvac (Pfizer Ltd.), on the levels of GnRH antibodies, testosterone, estrone sulphate (E1S) and androstenone, as well as skatole and indole in male pigs. Additionally, the long-term effect of immunocastration on social and sexual behaviour(More)
Twenty-five weaned 35-day-old piglets were used in a 35-day growth experiment to evaluate the effect of inclusion of chicory and ribwort forage in a cereal-based diet on growth performance, feed intake, digestibility and shedding of faecal coliform bacteria. A total of seven experimental diets were formulated, a cereal-based basal diet (B), and six diets(More)
To determine if artificial light regimens could influence sexual maturation and boar-taint factors in entire male pigs, 48 weaned, winter-born crossbred males (52-64 days old) were exposed to either a natural photoperiod (January-June, 60 degrees N, Control, n= 16) or to one of two artificial photoperiods (1400 1x) in light-sealed rooms. We exposed the(More)
This study aimed to describe the association between incidence of boar taint and pubertal changes in gonadal hormones, size of reproductive organs and aggressive behaviour in entire male pigs. In total, 111 entire male pigs were included in the study. Sampling was performed first at 90 kg live weight (LW) and, then, at 115 kg LW. Variables measured were(More)
Forty-eight weaned, winter-born crossbred males (average age of 42 days) were exposed to either a natural photoperiod (January-June at 60 degrees N, Control) or one of two artificial photoperiods (1400 lx) in light-sealed rooms. The Spring/Summer group was exposed to an artificial photoperiod simulating conditions from the vernal equinox (mid-March) to(More)
In an open-label, multicenter trial, de novo kidney transplant recipients at low to medium immunological risk were randomized at week 7 posttransplant to remain on CsA (n = 100, controls) or convert to everolimus (n = 102), both with enteric-coated mycophenolate sodium and corticosteroids. The primary endpoint, change in measured GFR (mGFR) from week 7 to(More)
After single oral or intravenous doses of doxycycline the concentrations found in the spinal fluid did not exceed 0.1 mcg/ml. Daily oral administration for 2-10 days gave a level in the spinal fluid of 0.1-0.76 mcg/ml. The mean value, 0.37 mcg/ml, corresponded to 14% of the concentrations found in serum. Further studies of the penetration of doxycycline in(More)
Fifty-one morbidly obese women were randomized to surgical treatment with gastric bypass (GBY) or gastroplasty (GPL). Their dietary intake was assessed preoperatively and 12 months postoperatively by two methods: diet history and 4-day weighted intake. Their protein intake was also checked against urinary nitrogen losses. There was a good correspondence(More)
The objective of this study, comprising two trials, was to evaluate the effect of a gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH [corrected] vaccine Improvac; Pfizer Ltd) in a sample of the Swedish pig population. The pigs (n = 120) were assigned to three groups: control (entire male pigs), surgical castration and immunization against GnRH. Surgically castrated(More)
Little information is available on the toxicity of monochloroacetic acid. We report the case of a 38 year-old man who was splashed with an 80% monochloroacetic acid solution on 25-30% of his body surface. In addition to epidermal and superficial dermal burns, features of systemic poisoning occurred within a few hours including disorientation, agitation,(More)