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We performed a phase I trial to evaluate the safety and tolerability of repeated skin injections of IL-2-transfected autologous melanoma cells into patients with advanced disease. Cell suspensions, propagated from excised metastases, were IL-2 gene transfected by adenovirus-enhanced transferrinfection and X-irradiated prior to injection. Vaccine production(More)
Azelaic acid was successfully used in the clinical treatment of 7 cases of lentigo maligna in that remission of the lesions was observed in all our patients. In order to elucidate mechanism(s) of the beneficial clinical effects, we studied the effect of azelaic acid on cultured melanoma cells. Cell numbers recovered from melanoma cell cultures grown for(More)
The expression of Ly-5 alloantigens is confined to hemopoietic cell types and is therefore considered a valuable indicator for the bone marrow derivation of a given cell. The further finding that different hemopoietic cell lineages express different molecular forms of the Ly-5 alloantigens prompted us to investigate (1) whether murine epidermal cells or(More)
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