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Therapeutic results are reported in 115 patients operated upon for intracranial aneurysms using the microsurgical technique from Yasargil's approach. Elimination of the aneurysm from the circulation by clipping its pedicle was done in 94 cases (82%), trapping of the afferent artery (12%), in 7 cases (6%) only the wall of the aneurysmatic sac was(More)
In 6 patients treated for hydrocephalus caused by posterior fossa tumours simultaneous continuous measurement of intraventricular cerebrospinal fluid pressure and all-night polygraphic sleep recording were carried out before and after implantation of ventriculoatrial valve. It was observed that in patients with hydrocephalus and raised CSF pressure(More)
The results of surgical treatment in 19 cases of aneurysms of the anterior communicating artery from the approach described by Yasargil are described. In 16 patients the pedicle of the aneurysm was closed with a clip, in 2 cases the anterior communicating artery was excluded from the circulation by trapping, and in only 1 patient the aneurysm was enclosed(More)
The authors discuss the results of surgical treatment of intracranial epidural haematomas in the light of own material of 84 cases. In relation to reports in the literature the authors call attention to diagnostic difficulties in atypical cases and discuss the importance of signs of prognostic value for the life of the patient and factors increasing(More)
The authors analyzed the signs and clinical data from the preoperative period in 39 patients with tumours of the conus terminalis and cauda equina. Most patients had been treated for a long time for lumbar discopathy with sciatic pains. Most symptoms and neurological signs were in many cases suggestive rather of lumbar disc prolapse than spinal tumour.(More)
The authors present the results of surgical treatment of 48 aneurysms situated on the anterior communicating artery operated upon by the classic and microsurgical methods. The latter method has made it possible to raise the proportion of very good and good results from 23% in the classic method to 70%, and to reduce the postoperative mortality in groups I(More)
The purpose of the study was to establish the influence exerted by a supratentorial brain tumour on the EEG correlates of sleep, and to compare the results before and after operation. Five patients were studied (aged 38 to 59 years) who were treated surgically for supratentorial expanding lesions: two cases of meningioma (in left parietal area), two cases(More)
In 25 patients with hydrocephalus of various grades and aetiology treated by insertion of ventriculoatrial valves neuropsychological investigations were carried out before and after this operation using the method of Luria and certain psychometric tests. The obtained results made possible isolation of three grades of impairment of higher nervous functions:(More)