H Koźniewska

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A prospective, randomized trial evaluates the effects of two postoperative treatment regimens on survival in 198 adult patients with supratentorial gliomas. All patients were irradiated with 6,000 rads after possibly radical removal of tumors. CCNU administration in the doses of 100 mg/sq m of body surface every 6-8 weeks following surgery proved to have no(More)
In a group of 139 patients with poorly differentiated brain gliomas controlled clinical trial was carried out for assessment of two methods of postoperative treatment. After possibly radical removal of the glioma the patients were treated by radiotherapy with 60Co teletherapy in doses of 60 Gy (30 fr) in depth during 6 weeks, and randomly chosen patients(More)
In 25 patients with hydrocephalus of various grades and aetiology treated by insertion of ventriculoatrial valves neuropsychological investigations were carried out before and after this operation using the method of Luria and certain psychometric tests. The obtained results made possible isolation of three grades of impairment of higher nervous functions:(More)
In 20 patients with expanding intracranial lesions the cerebral blood flow was determined by the method of Kety-Schmidt in an own modification with an original device--N2O-meter, with simultaneous continuous measurement of the intraventricular pressure and arterial blood pressure. This made possible determination of the cerebral perfusion pressure and of(More)
By polygraphic methods the authors studied the sleep patterns during treatment of patients with subtentorial tumours causing hydrocephalus. Sleep recording was carried out in three stages of treatment: 1) before insertion of ventriculo-atrial valve, (7 investigations), 2) on the 7th day after valve insertion (7 investigations), 3) two months after removal(More)
The results of combined treatment were analysed in 38 cases of cerebral gliomas. In the group of 14 patients with glioblastoma multiforme treated surgically and by later radiotherapy and chemotherapy by the schedule of Hildebrand a mean arrival time of 116 weeks was obtained and the one-year survival rate was 71%. In the group of inoperable gliomas (16(More)
In 6 patients treated for hydrocephalus caused by posterior fossa tumours simultaneous continuous measurement of intraventricular cerebrospinal fluid pressure and all-night polygraphic sleep recording were carried out before and after implantation of ventriculoatrial valve. It was observed that in patients with hydrocephalus and raised CSF pressure(More)
Therapeutic results are reported in 115 patients operated upon for intracranial aneurysms using the microsurgical technique from Yasargil's approach. Elimination of the aneurysm from the circulation by clipping its pedicle was done in 94 cases (82%), trapping of the afferent artery (12%), in 7 cases (6%) only the wall of the aneurysmatic sac was(More)
The results of surgical treatment in 19 cases of aneurysms of the anterior communicating artery from the approach described by Yasargil are described. In 16 patients the pedicle of the aneurysm was closed with a clip, in 2 cases the anterior communicating artery was excluded from the circulation by trapping, and in only 1 patient the aneurysm was enclosed(More)