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The aim of this study was to investigate the value of continuous ECG monitoring in early diagnosis of coronary heart disease. 312 patients (59 women, 253 men, aged 20-60 years) with chest pain since 3-6 months were studied. All patients underwent clinical examination, serum lipid determination, exercise ECG test, ambulatory ECG monitoring and coronary(More)
The effect of a combined treatment with ethanol and imipramine or amitriptyline was tested in mice and rats. The antidepressants were given in one or, in some experiments, in 21 daily doses of 10 mg/kg each. In mice the effect of antidepressants was tested on acute toxicity, disturbances of rota-rod performance, hypothermia and sleeping induced by ethanol,(More)
The paper presented a case of a patient with type III by FAB myelodysplastic syndrome, in whom during a low dose cytarabine therapy ventricular fibrillation occurred. Authors discussed roles of anemia, ischemic heart disease and hypokalemia as factors which could increase circulatory system sensitivity on cytarabine action.
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