H. Kevin Steensma

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Drawing on organizational learning and economic sociology, we address how relational embeddedness between the foreign parent and international joint venture (IJV) managers influences the type of knowledge (i.e., tacit and explicit) transferred to the IJV, and how the importance of relational embeddedness varies between young and mature IJVs. We also examine(More)
Scholars have theorized that firms can intervene in the creation of formal technology standards to reduce uncertainty and influence the outcome to their advantage. One approach is through early acquisition: Firms can acquire targets with relevant technology prior to standardization. Using real options logic, the authors show how early acquisitions can be(More)
Les stratégies d'influence varient en fonction du contrôle qu'elles exercent sur la situation et la cible. Les stratégies " douces " laissent plus que les stratégies " dures " la possibilitié pour la cible d'accepter ou de rejeter la tentative d'influ-ence. La solution " dure " engendre donc généralement une plus grande tension dans la relation entre la(More)
Although international joint ventures (IJVs) may mature over time and develop competitive viability, they maintain some risk of instability owing to their shared ownership. Such instability can ultimately lead to their internalization by one of the partners. In this study, we consider factors that influence (1) whether IJVs evolve toward becoming a wholly(More)
research interests include strategic management of technology and the process of interorganizational monitoring in strategic planning and organization change. GIUSEPPE "JOE" LABIANCA is an Assistant Professor of Organization and Management at Emory University's Goizueta Business School in Atlanta. He received his Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University.(More)
The social context of noise exposure is a codeterminant of noise annoyance. The present study shows that fairness of the exposure procedure (sound management) can be used as an instrument to reduce noise annoyance. In a laboratory experiment (N = 117) participants are exposed to aircraft sound of different sound pressure level (SPL: 50 vs 70 dB A)--which is(More)
Internet firms face somewhat unique challenges when expanding abroad. On what basis do U.S. Internet firms choose the international markets they enter? The authors posit that international market entry decisions are based on balancing perceived risks and returns inherent in a foreign target market. Drawing on a sample of almost 7,000 country entry decisions(More)
Administrative social influence is a principal tool for motivating employee behavior. The authors argue that the compliance of professional employees (e.g., doctors) with administrative social influence will depend on the degree to which these employees identify with their profession and organization. Professional employees were found to be most receptive(More)