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After a short term oral administration of 25 mg buformin per animal (100–125 mg/kg/day) and final intraperitoneal injection of glucose we found a significantly increased content of glycogen in the diaphragm of normal male and female rats together with a higher incorporation of glucose. The latter effect was not observed if the last dose of buformin was(More)
In der vorliegenden Arbeit wird über Untersuchungen zur Aktivierung von Fettgewebslipase und -phosphorylase berichtet. Homogenate von Rattenfettgewebe enthalten eine Lipase, deren Aktivität ähnlich wie die Aktivität der Phosphorylase durch Vorinkubation des Gewebes mit Glucagon oder Adrenalin um etwa das Doppelte gesteigert werden kann. Bei Aufarbeitung des(More)
In view of the experience that after short- or long-term oral administration of biguanides to rats no glycogenolysis in the muscle tissue occurs or even an increase of the muscle glycogen content and a high rate of incorporation of radioglucose into the muscle glycogen, the glycogen synthetase activity of skeletal muscle in a concentrated muscle homogenate(More)
Synthetic glucagon (nonicosapeptide) appears to be identical with the natural hormone in chemical analyses, and has a similar crystalline structure. Synthetic glucagon has the same biological activity as the natural, twice recrystallized, pancreatic glucagon when measured by its effects on glycogenolysis in the liver, on lipolysis in adipose tissue and on(More)