H Kelderman

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We demonstrate here a spatially non-blocking optical 4x4 router with a footprint of 0.07 mm 2 for use in future integrated photonic interconnection networks. The device is dynamically switched using thermo-optically tuned silicon microring resonators with a wavelength shift to power ratio of 0.25nm/mW. The design can route four optical inputs to four(More)
A fully pigtailed and packaged ultra-compact reconfigurable 4-channel optical add-drop multiplexer is shown based on SiO 2 /Si 3 N 4 microring resonators. Measurements demonstrate full add/drop capability for 40 Gbit/s datasignal as well as the ability to multicast a channel. Introduction When the optical fiber networks are emerging towards the end user's(More)
We developed photodefined, multimode-fiber compatible waveguides based on epoxies. These waveguides will be embedded in backplane PCB's for optical interconnect applications using 850 nm VCSELs as light sources. Apart from very low loss, the material selection took into account, PCB compatibility and low yellowing due to high temperature processing (for PCB(More)
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