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BACKGROUND Birth weight appears to play a role in determining high blood pressure (BP) and obesity during childhood. The purpose of this study is to investigate the association between birth weight and later obesity and hypertension among 10- to 13-year-old schoolchildren. METHODS A total of 1,184 primary school students were selected from 20 randomized(More)
Present study provides some modified techniques for time series based forecasting for the yield of any crop year. Our study can help in inventory management of wheat yield and for management of storage space. We are using the data of previous years and proposing a new method by using the fuzzy time series forecasting technique References-A unified approach(More)
Transmission lines analysis in high frequencies needs use of full wave numerical approaches like TLM (Transmission Line Matrix) which is one of the powerful and useful approaches in electromagnetism. It can be used for analysis of structures of geometrical or non-geometrical forms, isotropic, non-isotropic, homogenous or non-homogenous structures and other(More)
The establishment of intelligent systems for classifying marine vessels due to the acoustic radiated noise is of major importance to the defense systems of many countries. This paper presents a new method for classification of marine vessels which has been examined by a great amount of real data. In this method, the acoustic noise of ships is modeled by AR(More)
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