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Integrated modeling on areas of plasma core, edge-pedestal and scrape-off-layer (SOL)-divertor progressed based on the researches in JT-60U experiments. An anomalous transport model of fast particles due to the Alfvén eigenmode is proposed in the core plasma and a new one-dimensional core transport code, which can describe the radial electric field and(More)
Design of the power handling for the demo tokamak reactor, SlimCS, with the fusion power of Pfus ≤ 3 GW and the exhausted power of Pout = 500 MW was investigated. First, effects of the divertor geometry of the V-shaped corner and the Ar impurity seeding on the radiation distribution and the target power loading were summarized in the simulation(More)
For the satellite tokamak JT-60 Super Advanced (JT-60SA), a divertor Thomson scattering measurement system is planning to be installed. In this study, we improved the design of the collection optics based on the previous one, in which it was found that the solid angle of the collection optics became very small, mainly because of poor accessibility to the(More)
Imaging bolometers utilize an infrared (IR) video camera to measure the change in temperature of a thin foil exposed to the plasma radiation, thereby avoiding the risks of conventional resistive bolometers related to electric cabling and vacuum feedthroughs in a reactor environment. A prototype of the IR imaging video bolometer (IRVB) has been installed and(More)
Remotely controlling the movement of small objects is desirable, especially for the transportation and selection of materials. Transfer of objects between liquid and solid surfaces and triggering their release would allow for development of novel material transportation technology. Here, we describe the remote transport of a material from a water film(More)
Traffic congestion is a common problem; particularly in metropolitan areas. It is especially true for the Tokyo Metropolitan Freeway (MEX) which handles about 1.2 million vehicles per day. Thirty percent of these vehicles use the MEX central circular and radial routes causing chronic traffic congestion. A traffic-control center in Japan mitigates the(More)
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