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BACKGROUND Although the important protective effect of venous collateral pathways in sinus occlusion on parenchymal injury has been demonstrated in previous works, the vascular response in the capillary microcirculation itself after cerebral venous occlusion has not been fully elucidated. We examined the morphology of the capillary network after venous(More)
Quantitative measurements of brainstem distortion and neural dysfunction were obtained in 25 cases of chronic subdural haematoma. The horizontal and rotational brainstem displacements were measured on axial and coronal MRI in all patients pre-operatively, and brainstem auditory evoked responses (BAERs) were obtained in 11 cases. Logarithmic relationships(More)
Changes in cerebral blood flow (CBF) during craniotomies (mean 62.2 years, n = 31) were studied using a laser flowmeter (LFM) to evaluate the utility in CBF monitoring. A small flat probe was applied to the brain surface near the surgical field. The output voltage from LFM was recorded as CBF changes. The percent change in CBF was calculated using the(More)
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