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A 2 x 2 factorial arrangement of treatments in a randomized block design was used to determine the effects of dietary Arg supplementation during gestation and lactation on the lactation performance of 38 first-parity sows. At 30 d of gestation, pregnant gilts were allotted based on BW to 1 of 2 diets supplemented with 1% L-Arg.HCl or 1.7% L-Ala(More)
The highest proliferation rate (9.8-fold) of embryogenic suspensor mass (ESM) was obtained from half-strength Litvay (½LM, Litvay et al. 1985) medium supplemented with 3.42 mM l-glutamine, while the lowest rate was noted when 0.84 mM l-glutamine (0.6-fold) was added to the medium. The highest growth ratio with brassinolide (BL) was observed for 1.0 μM(More)
High frequency somatic embryogenesis of Eleutheorcoccus chiisanensis was achieved through suspension culture of embryogenic cells in hormone-free Murashige and Skoog liquid medium supplemented with 30 g sucrose l-1. Cotyledonary somatic embryos were germinated and converted into plantlets using 20 microM: gibberellic acid which were then grown in a 10 l(More)
We report the measurement of the direct CP asymmetry in the radiative B¯→X(s+dγ) decay using a data sample of (772 ± 11)×10(6) BB[over ¯] pairs collected at the ϒ(4S) resonance with the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric-energy e(+)e(-) collider. The CP asymmetry is measured as a function of the photon energy threshold. For Eγ*≥2.1  GeV, where Eγ* is the(More)
A cryopreservation protocol has been developed for embryogenic callus cultures of castor aralia (Kalopanax septemlobus), a deciduous tree which is widely used in oriental medicine and in landscape design. Three preculture treatments, four loading and six vitrification solutions were tested in a vitrification procedure. Preculture of embryogenic callus (EC)(More)
We measure the decay B_{s}^{0}→K^{0}K[over ¯]^{0} using data collected at the ϒ(5S) resonance with the Belle detector at the KEKB e^{+}e^{-} collider. The data sample used corresponds to an integrated luminosity of 121.4  fb^{-1}. We measure a branching fraction B(B_{s}^{0}→K^{0}K[over ¯]^{0})=[19.6_{-5.1}^{+5.8}(stat)±1.0(syst)±2.0(N_{B_{s}^{0}B[over(More)
We report the first observation of the decay Λ_{c}^{+}→pK^{+}π^{-} using a 980  fb^{-1} data sample collected by the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric-energy e^{+}e^{-} collider. This is the first observation of a doubly Cabibbo-suppressed decay of a charmed baryon. We measure the branching ratio of this decay with respect to its Cabibbo-favored(More)
We report the first measurement of the τ lepton polarization P_{τ}(D^{*}) in the decay B[over ¯]→D^{*}τ^{-}ν[over ¯]_{τ} as well as a new measurement of the ratio of the branching fractions R(D^{*})=B(B[over ¯]→D^{*}τ^{-}ν[over ¯]_{τ})/B(B[over ¯]→D^{*}ℓ^{-}ν[over ¯]_{ℓ}), where ℓ^{-} denotes an electron or a muon, and the τ is reconstructed in the modes(More)