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A 2 x 2 factorial arrangement of treatments in a randomized block design was used to determine the effects of dietary Arg supplementation during gestation and lactation on the lactation performance of 38 first-parity sows. At 30 d of gestation, pregnant gilts were allotted based on BW to 1 of 2 diets supplemented with 1% L-Arg.HCl or 1.7% L-Ala(More)
High frequency somatic embryogenesis of Eleutheorcoccus chiisanensis was achieved through suspension culture of embryogenic cells in hormone-free Murashige and Skoog liquid medium supplemented with 30 g sucrose l-1. Cotyledonary somatic embryos were germinated and converted into plantlets using 20 microM: gibberellic acid which were then grown in a 10 l(More)
The highest proliferation rate (9.8-fold) of embryogenic suspensor mass (ESM) was obtained from half-strength Litvay (½LM, Litvay et al. 1985) medium supplemented with 3.42 mM l-glutamine, while the lowest rate was noted when 0.84 mM l-glutamine (0.6-fold) was added to the medium. The highest growth ratio with brassinolide (BL) was observed for 1.0 μM(More)
We report the measurement of the direct CP asymmetry in the radiative B¯→X(s+dγ) decay using a data sample of (772 ± 11)×10(6) BB[over ¯] pairs collected at the ϒ(4S) resonance with the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric-energy e(+)e(-) collider. The CP asymmetry is measured as a function of the photon energy threshold. For Eγ*≥2.1  GeV, where Eγ* is the(More)
A cryopreservation protocol has been developed for embryogenic callus cultures of castor aralia (Kalopanax septemlobus), a deciduous tree which is widely used in oriental medicine and in landscape design. Three preculture treatments, four loading and six vitrification solutions were tested in a vitrification procedure. Preculture of embryogenic callus (EC)(More)
We measure the decay B_{s}^{0}→K^{0}K[over ¯]^{0} using data collected at the ϒ(5S) resonance with the Belle detector at the KEKB e^{+}e^{-} collider. The data sample used corresponds to an integrated luminosity of 121.4  fb^{-1}. We measure a branching fraction B(B_{s}^{0}→K^{0}K[over ¯]^{0})=[19.6_{-5.1}^{+5.8}(stat)±1.0(syst)±2.0(N_{B_{s}^{0}B[over(More)
We report the first observation of the decay Λ_{c}^{+}→pK^{+}π^{-} using a 980  fb^{-1} data sample collected by the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric-energy e^{+}e^{-} collider. This is the first observation of a doubly Cabibbo-suppressed decay of a charmed baryon. We measure the branching ratio of this decay with respect to its Cabibbo-favored(More)
We report the first measurement of the τ lepton polarization P_{τ}(D^{*}) in the decay B[over ¯]→D^{*}τ^{-}ν[over ¯]_{τ} as well as a new measurement of the ratio of the branching fractions R(D^{*})=B(B[over ¯]→D^{*}τ^{-}ν[over ¯]_{τ})/B(B[over ¯]→D^{*}ℓ^{-}ν[over ¯]_{ℓ}), where ℓ^{-} denotes an electron or a muon, and the τ is reconstructed in the modes(More)