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The potential of the extremely inexpensive Radio Shack liquid-crystal television (LCTV) as a two-dimensional spatial light modulator has been investigated. The LCTV modulates the transmission of coherent or incoherent light and can either be electronically addressed through a microcomputer or optically addressed with a TV camera. We have measured the(More)
Johnston and Hunter (1989) reported that in monozygotic twins discordant for cleft lip +/- palate, the noncleft twins demonstrated what appeared to be a bimodal distribution of nasal cavity width. Two thirds showed reduced airway size and one third showed normal or slightly greater airway size. They suggested that the two-thirds group may represent reduced(More)
We describe a multichannel correlator/convolver architecture utilizing an acoustooptic light modulator for the 1-D input channel and a magnetooptic spatial light modulator (MOSLM) for the second 2-D parallel channel. The MOSLM allows greater parallelism to be implemented into this correlator/convolver design than was previously reported. We demonstrate the(More)
To optimize the functions of the surface-relief diffractive optical elements for optical limiters and other applications, we present a systematic design and analysis with numerical illustrations of the transmission properties of different surface-relief phase gratings and Fabry-Perot elements. The spectral response and the tolerance of fabrication errors(More)
Benzo[a]pyrene (B[a]P), a well-known carcinogen, is widespread in the environment. Although the neurotoxic effect of B[a]P has not drawn much attention, toxic effects of B[a]P on learning and memory have been reported. Since it is well known that neuronal apoptosis plays a major role in impairment of learning and memory triggered by many stimuli, an effort(More)
Although the validity of the pressure-flow technique has been verified in a number of laboratories, some questions still remain. The purpose of this study was to determine whether the procedures involved in estimating orifice size affect the pressure and airflow variables being measured. Twenty subjects with demonstrated velopharyngeal inadequacy on(More)
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