H. K. Lee

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Mobile multi-hop relay (MMR) network is known to have the strength of easy installation and convenient management because of its self-organizing and self-healing characteristics. However, MMR is also known to be vulnerable to security problems for the very same reason. In this paper, we propose a new hybrid authentication algorithm for IEEE 802.16j MMR(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the enhancement pattern of the normal facial nerve at 3.0 T temporal MRI. We reviewed the medical records of 20 patients and evaluated 40 clinically normal facial nerves demonstrated by 3.0 T temporal MRI. The grade of enhancement of the facial nerve was visually scaled from 0 to 3. The patients comprised 11 men and(More)
Newborn hearing screening test is very important in the early diagnosis of childhood hearing loss because it affects language development. Auditory neuropathy is a spectrum disorder characterized by abnormal auditory brainstem response but preserved otoacoustic emission and cochlear microphonics. In general, auditory neuropathy patients have poor word(More)
We study structural feature and evolution of the Internet at the autonomous systems level. Extracting relevant parameters for the growth dynamics of the Internet topology, we construct a toy model for the Internet evolution, which includes the ingredients of multiplicative stochastic evolution of nodes and edges and adaptive rewiring of edges. The model(More)
Detailed anatomic knowledge of the microsurgical anatomy of the perigeniculate ganglion area is essential to probing adjacent to the facial nerve by a translabyrinthine approach. This study was designed to investigate the surgical anatomy of the perigeniculate ganglion area of the facial nerve from a translabyrinthine point of view. We dissected 15 human(More)
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