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The paper proposes a novel pilot-symbol-aided (PSA) technique for fading compensation of digital signals in the mobile environments. In a PSA system, the data sequence at the transmitter is divided into frames of data. A pilot symbol from a known pseudoradom-symbol sequence is inserted periodically into a frame of data symbol for transmission. In a(More)
The paper studies the bit-error-rate (BER) performance of a pilot-symbol-aided (PSA) 16QAM system with an N-branch postdetection selection combining diversity reception over multipath fading channels. Both pilot symbols and data symbols are used to compensate for the fading distortion. Computer simulation results have shown that the use of diversity(More)
Product safety assessment is an important part of the product development cycle. Without valid certification(s), toy products are not allowed to be sold in many countries (e.g. United States, Europe and China). The toy industry follows a product safety assessment mechanism to test their products and the governing bodies follow a safety mechanism to protect(More)
Background Sustainable public transport is not an option; it is a necessity [1]. In a media competition run by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), we introduced an award-winning design model of financially secure and sustainable automatic fare collection (AFC) [2]. In the public transport industry, AFC commonly refers to transit providers’(More)
The paper studies the effects of N-branch postdetection selection diversity reception, where N = 1, 2, 3 or 4, incorporated with fading compensation on a digital satellite mobile system. The digital satellite mobile system transmits a pilot-symbol-aided 16-ary quadratureamplitude modulated (PSA-16QAM) signal over the Rician channels. A selection method that(More)
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