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In the present paper, an axisymmetric two-dimensional model for powder mixed electric discharge machining (PMEDM) has been developed using the finite element method (FEM). The model utilizes the several important aspects such as temperature-sensitive material properties, shape and size of heat source (Gaussian heat distribution), percentage distribution of(More)
The success of implant depends upon the surface characteristics like roughness, topography, chemistry and surface hardness. The fabrication of hard surface in combination with micron-/submicron- and nano-scale surface roughness is a great challenge for bio-manufacturing industries. Specifically, the surface micro-hardness (SMH) needs to be maximized while(More)
Hyperspectral imaging is a powerful technique and has been widely used in a large number of applications, such as detection and identification of the surface and atmospheric constituents present, analysis of soil type, monitoring agriculture and forest status, environmental studies, and military surveillance. It consumes a huge amount of storage. So due to(More)
Hyper-spectral Image is a three dimensional array containing spatial (image) information on x & y axis and spectral information on z axis. It is high resolution imagery. Hyper-spectral image is a dynamic & powerful method to visualize data in terms of spatial & spectral features. It consumes a huge amount of storage. So due to large memory requirements,(More)
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