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While in the process of computing poker odds, the following question occurred to me: given a random number generator that returns answers from one to 52, how many calls on average need to be made before at least one of each number is found?
Let me begin by defining what I consider to be a SMALL computer, in order to filter out any uninterested readers: an 8-bit CPU, 65K of address space, a dual floppy disk drive, printer and CRT. Why, with the cost of hardware (although not necessarily peripherals) continuing to decline, concern oneself with such an archaic setup? Three reasons (at least): it(More)
While the publisher has made every attempt to trace all copyright owners and obtain permission to reproduce material, in a few cases this has proved impossible. Copyright holders of material which has not been acknowledged are encouraged to contact the publisher. Many of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their products are(More)
The examples above offer a glimpse of the complex and often hidden social forces that impact STEM participation. However, addressing the unique challenge of minority underrepresentation in climate STEM fields and the climate movement at large will require a more comprehensive and coordinated response between behavioural scientists and climate researchers.(More)
A programmable controller (PC) is a hard-wired minicomputer programmed in a "high-level" language of electrical relay symbols. Its advantages over actual relays are numerous: it takes up less room, is considerably easier to debug and modify, and can be readily salvaged for subsequent re-use. Perhaps most importantly, because of the language in which it(More)
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