H. K. E. Liesenberg

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Application integration is a challenge and it will continue for the next few years. The industry is still figuring out how to best address the challenges of application heterogeneity through modern integration tools and service-oriented and event-driven architectures. We are experiencing a new paradigm shift. However, the impact of service-oriented(More)
With the recent increase in popularity of the Internet a new user population has emerged with little expertise to use interactive systems. Hence, developing interfaces for such systems has required the involvement of experts of several areas. A further observation is that about 50% of the time and resources are consumed just for the interface component of(More)
Design for cooperation is a challenge. As designers we note that as we are moving towards the nal years of this century, several areas have achieved signiicant breakthroughs. Among them, it is easy to perceive that areas of Computing and Telecommunications have had an impact of paramount importance to society as a whole. These technologies have allowed an(More)
Synchronous User interface is a medium where all objects being shared on it can be viewed indiierently from the geographical location and its users can interact with each other in real-time. Designing such an interface for users working collaboratively requires to deal with a number of issues. Herein, our concerns lies on the design of control component of(More)
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