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Manufacturable embedded CMOS 6T-SRAM with the HfO/sub 2/-Al/sub 2/O/sub 3/ dielectric for system-on-chip (SoC) applications is successfully demonstrated for the first time in the semiconductor industry. The possibility of the high-k gate dielectric in low power SoC applications is suggested. 0.11/spl mu/m NFET and PFET devices with thin high-k gate(More)
The effect of capping layer thickness (t<sub>Cap</sub>) on media properties in CoCrPtO-based granular composite media is investigated. The CoCrPt-based capping layer with much less coercivity (H<sub>c</sub>) and more exchange coupling than the bottom layer was used. Surprisingly, H<sub>c</sub> increases from 4.9 to 5.9 kOe with increasing t<sub>Cap </sub>(More)
We performed micromagnetic simulations in order to investigate the effect of intergranular exchange coupling on the magnetic properties of advanced magnetic recording structures. We found that the coercive field of granular recording media decreases with increasing intergrain exchange coupling (<i>A</i> <sub>int</sub>). We observed this decay even for(More)
The microstructure, magnetic properties, and recording performance of CoCrPt-oxide perpendicular media were investigated at different magnetic layer film thicknesses (t<sub>MAG</sub>) from 2 to 27 nm. Media coercivity (H<sub>c</sub>) reached a maximum value of 6.8 kOe at t<sub>MAG</sub>= 18 nm and then decreased to 5.3 kOe. Both crystallographic and(More)
The recording performance of CoCrPtO granular-type perpendicular media was examined with two types of perpendicular heads to demonstrate the importance of matching head and media designs in perpendicular recording. Shielded-pole heads with high write field gradients, field angles, and sufficient write field magnitude yielded superior writability and(More)
Inductively coupled plasma excited by a helical antenna is used to pattern Pt/RuOz electrodes for PZT. The hybrid electrode of thin Pt on thicker RuOz layer has been studied because of good leakage current characteristics of Pt and easy etch characteristics of RuOz. The etch rates and selectivities to oxide hard mask have been measured for each of Pt and(More)
Magnetic switching behavior and activation volume (V<sub>act</sub>) for CoCrPt-SiO<sub>2</sub> single layer media on two intermediate layer (IL) types of conventional Ru<sub>1</sub>/Ru<sub>2</sub> (IL1) and RuCr/Ru<sub>2</sub> (IL2) are investigated. Ru<sub>1</sub> and Ru<sub>2</sub> indicate the Ru layer deposited at low and high pressure of Ar,(More)
The effect of oxygen incorporation on microstructure and media performance in CoCrPt-SiO<sub>2</sub> films with various oxygen contents (OC) from 3 to 10 at% at different CoCrPt-SiO<sub>2</sub> film thicknesses (tMAG) from 2 to 27 nm is investigated. Nonuniform microstructure with less grain isolation close to Ru and more grain isolation at the top region(More)
In this study, the effect of magnetic recording layer thickness on media performance in CoCrPtO perpendicular media was investigated. The thin films were reactively sputter-deposited on NiP-coated Al substrates. Ru/Ta was used as an interlayer and the total thickness of the synthetic antiferromagnetically-coupled SUL was 140 nm. The CoCrPtO layer thickness(More)
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