H. Josef Trier

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In Denmark, emergency ambulances are dispatched by 41 centres manned either by trained firemen (in Copenhagen) or policemen (outside Copenhagen). In 1990, emergency ambulance calls totalled 284,000. Utilisation of emergency ambulance services increases with urbanisation. A doctor-manned ambulance is in operation in Copenhagen, and in some other large towns(More)
The occurrence of upper respiratory symptoms among adult Danes was examined by the use of data from the Danish Health and Morbidity Survey 1986-1987. In this study, 14.0 per cent of 6,672 individuals reported complaints of colds or coughs (CC) during the two-week period preceding the interview. Reporting of CC decreased with age, but there was no sex(More)
An frisch entnommenem oder im Thermostaten aufbewahrtem Panseninhalte von Schafen wurde zu verschiedenen Zeiten nach verschiedenartiger Fütterung des Wirtstieres die Aufnahme und Verarbeitung der Nahrung durch die Panseninfusorien mikrochemisch verfolgt. Es lassen sich dabei, unter Zuhilfenahme der Fütterung der Infusorien im Thermostaten, der Vorgang der(More)
During a period of 12 months of military conscription, all of the injuries occurring on the obstacle track at the Antvorskov Barracks in Slagelse were registered. During the period of investigation, the regulations for employing the track were altered so that the heights of jumping down from obstacles were considerably reduced. The object of this(More)