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Peptide nucleic acid (PNA), a polyamide DNA mimic, has inspired the development of a variety of hybridization-based methods for the detection, quantification, purification, and characterization of nucleic acids owing to the stability of the PNA/DNA duplex. In this work, PNA probes complementary to a specific sequence of Roundup Ready soybean were(More)
As modern means of communication increase in their potential and receptiveness, they instigate additional demands in terms of security. Therefore, communication between users via social network becomes complicated, that increases possibility of threats with respect to user authentication. With the objective of ensuring security in social networks, different(More)
Peptide nucleic acids (PNAs) are mimics of oligonucleotides containing a neutral peptidelike backbone and are able to bind complementary DNA targets with high affinity and selectivity. In order to investigate the effect of the ionic strength of the buffer solution, hybridization experiments with PNAs as (catcher) probes and DNAs as target oligonucleotides(More)
Current metropolises largely depend on a functioning transport infrastructure and the increasing demand can only be satisfied by a well organized mass transit. One example for a crucial mass transit system is New York City’s Staten Island Ferry, connecting the two boroughs of Staten Island and Manhattan with a regular passenger service. Today’s demand(More)
Nowadays the customers prefer the most accepted payment mode via credit card for the convenient way of online shopping, paying bills in easiest way. At the same time the fraud transaction risks using credit card is a main problem which should be avoided. There are many data mining techniques available to avoid these risks effectively. In existing research(More)
Among the various sensing principles proposed for bioaffinity studies, optical evanescent wave techniques have gained the lead in popularity. Next to evanescent ellipsometry [1] and the various optical waveguide platforms [2,3], surface plasmon resonance (SPR) spectroscopy [4–6], in particular, has found widespread applications and has demonstrated its(More)
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