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Patient-centred care is about sharing the management of an illness between patient and doctor; it is not new but is increasingly evidence-based, especially for chronic problems such as diabetes, asthma and arthritis. Systematic reviews show that patient-centred care results in increased adherence to management protocols, reduced morbidity and improved(More)
This discussion paper describes a scoping exercise and literature review commissioned by the International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG) to inform their E-Quality programme which seeks to support small-scale educational projects to improve respiratory management in primary care. Our narrative review synthesises information from three sources:(More)
Breathlessness in advanced disease is a common problem, with the majority of people experiencing breathlessness in the weeks before death. The thrust of the new British Thoracic Society guidelines for home oxygen in adults is that oxygen therapy for home use is most useful in chronic hypoxaemia. However, clinicians make individual clinical decisions,(More)
ver 450 primary care clinicians and researchers from around the world gathered for the second conference of the International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG) in Melbourne in February 2004. The IPCRG is an international umbrella organisation for national primary care respiratory interest groups. 1 It was established as a charitable company in June(More)
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