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Patient-centred care is about sharing the management of an illness between patient and doctor; it is not new but is increasingly evidence-based, especially for chronic problems such as diabetes, asthma and arthritis. Systematic reviews show that patient-centred care results in increased adherence to management protocols, reduced morbidity and improved(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the prevalence of asthma symptoms, their impact on daily activities, and perceptions of disease severity among people with asthma. METHODS A telephone survey of 699 people with asthma was conducted in 1999 in metropolitan and nonmetropolitan New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland, Australia. RESULTS Forty-two percent of adults(More)
This discussion paper describes a scoping exercise and literature review commissioned by the International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG) to inform their E-Quality programme which seeks to support small-scale educational projects to improve respiratory management in primary care. Our narrative review synthesises information from three sources:(More)
BACKGROUND The health care system is better organised to react to acute rather than chronic presentations of disease, yet a significant proportion of health care expenditure is on chronic diseases and their complications. OBJECTIVE This article seeks to argue the case for the organised care of chronic disease. Asthma is used as the demonstration disease(More)
The measurement of quality in any clinical discipline depends, in part, on a comparison with an accepted standard. Currently, such standards do not exist for the management of many common clinical situations in Australian general practice. As part of the General Practice Evaluation Programme, a group of Illawarra general practitioners (GPs) selected 'GP(More)
The Illawarra General Practice Training Unit, which has been functioning for more than four years, offers a model of general practice education that addresses some of the fundamental issues concerning the introduction of the young doctor to the realities of working in the community as well as providing a centre for GP research and continuing medical(More)