H Jemmy Christy

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The availability of markers for the 17p11.2 region has enabled the diagnosis of Smith-Magenis syndrome (SMS) by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH). SMS is typically associated with a discernible deletion of band 17p11.2 upon cytogenetic analysis at a resolution of 400-550 bands. We present a case that illustrates the importance of using FISH to(More)
Background Host genetic factors are the major determining factor for variation in response to HIV infection and are related to resistance among HIV patients. HLA dRB1*1501, DRB1*1502, DRB1*1301, DRB1*1302, DRB1*1101-05 are widely reported alleles associated with low viraemia in infected individuals. Computational predictions have made it possible to(More)
Background The V3 loop of the env gene in HIV-C type is considered as a major viral determinant for coreceptor specificity. The tip motif of v3 loop is known for antibody neutralization, so sequence variation in this motif have an impact on virus infectivity and disease progression. So analysis of genetic diversity in the V3 loop Tip motif help us to(More)
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