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Telomerase activity is usually detected in most tumor tissues but not in normal tissues. Recently, there is increasing evidence that telomerase activity is associated with cell proliferation without malignancy, whereas there is little information about telomerase activity and its relationship with cell proliferation in chronic hyperproliferative skin(More)
BACKGROUND Laser therapy has been proposed as a physical therapy for musculoskeletal disorders and has attained popularity because no side effects have been reported after treatment. However, its true effectiveness is still controversial because several clinical trials have reported the ineffectiveness of lasers in treating pain. METHODS In this(More)
We present a possible observing scenario for the Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo gravitational-wave detectors over the next decade, with the intention of providing information to the astronomy community to facilitate planning for multi-messenger astronomy with gravitational waves. We determine the expected sensitivity of the network to transient(More)
A pathway for achieving intense green light emitting LiGdF4:Yb,Er upconversion nanophosphors (UCNPs) via Y(3+) doping is demonstrated. It was revealed that Y(3+) doping initiated the formation of a tetragonal phase and affected the particle size. Single tetragonal-phase LiGd0.4Y0.4F4:Yb(18%),Er(2%) (LGY0.4F:Yb,Er) UCNPs exhibited strong upconversion (UC)(More)
LiYF4:Eu nanophosphors with a single tetragonal phase are synthesized, and various strategies to enhance the Eu(3+) emission from the nanophosphors are investigated. The optimized Eu(3+) concentration is 35 mol%, and the red emission peaks due to the (5)D0 →(7)FJ (J = 1 and 2) transitions of Eu(3+) ions are further enhanced by energy transfer from a(More)
Highly efficient downconversion (DC) green-emitting LiYF4:Ce,Tb nanophosphors have been synthesized for bright dual-mode upconversion (UC) and DC green-emitting core/double-shell (C/D-S) nanophosphors-Li(Gd,Y)F4:Yb(18%),Er(2%)/LiYF4:Ce(15%),Tb(15%)/LiYF4-and the C/D-S structure has been proved by extensive scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM)(More)
PURPOSE Docetaxel-based chemotherapy (DTX) improves overall survival (OS) of men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC). Considering the potential existence of androgen receptors that remain active at this stage, we aimed to assess the impact of the combined use of androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) with DTX for mCRPC. MATERIALS AND(More)
Although the quantum efficiencies of quantum dots (QDs) are approaching unity through advances in the synthesis of QD materials, their luminescence efficiencies after mixing with resin and thermal curing for white light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are seriously lowered because of aggregation and oxidation of QDs and poor adhesion of QDs to the resin. To overcome(More)
DNA copy number alterations (CNAs) are the main genomic events that occur during the initiation and development of cancer. Distinguishing driver aberrant regions from passenger regions, which might contain candidate target genes for cancer therapies, is an important issue. Several methods for identifying cancer-driver genes from multiple cancer patients(More)