H. J. Tellez Oliva

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BACKGROUND Defensins are natural endogenous antimicrobial peptides with potent anti-HIV activity and immuno-modulatory effects. We recently demonstrated that immature dendritic cells (DC) produce alpha-defensins1-3 and that alpha-defensins1-3 modulate DC generation and maturation. Since DC-HIV interaction plays a critical role during the first steps of HIV(More)
Previous studies have shown that in non-Hodgkin's lymphomas and others neoplasms, tumoral progression, treatment response, and outcome are related to the expression of different oncogenic and tumor suppressor proteins. This study aimed to determine the prognostic significance of the expression of p53, bcl2, retinoblastoma protein (Rb), Ki67, CD15, and(More)
The cell surface association between CD26 and adenosine deaminase (ADA) has a costimulatory function during T-cell activation. Several studies have revealed correlations among CD4(+) CD26(+) T-cell depletion, increased serum levels of ADA, and the evolution of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, implicating CD26 and ADA in HIV disease progression.(More)
Usually, in image processing, edge detectors are mostly used as a basis for high level processing. In many cases, the edge detection gives erroneous and imprecise results, as incomplete or open contours. These inaccuracies mislead the subsequent processing. In this article, we propose a method to close contours of synthetic and real images. This method(More)
A 24-year-old man survived for 8 years after a vascular lesion of the pons and midbrain. During these years a subresponsive comatose state with neurological signs extending from the oculomotor nuclei to the trigeminal and facial nuclei levels was present. A decorticated type of rigidity, with bilateral paralysis of the limbs accompanied by pyramidal signs,(More)
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