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BACKGROUND Although tea consumption has been reported to have various health benefits in humans, its association with health-related quality of life (HRQOL) has not been investigated directly. We aimed to examine the relationship between tea consumption and HRQOL among older Chinese adults. METHODS We analyzed community-based cross-sectional data of 5,557(More)
Micro/nanotopographical modifications on titanium surfaces constitute a new process to increase osteoblast response to enhance bone formation. In this study, we utilized alkali heat treatment at high (SB-AH1) and low temperatures (SB-AH2) to nano-modify sandblasted titanium with microtopographical surfaces. Then, we evaluated the surface properties,(More)
The intact articular cartilage has not yet been successfully preserved at low temperature most likely due to the volume expansion from water to ice during freezing. The objective of this current study focuses on examining thermal expansion behavior of articular cartilage (AC) during freezing from 0 degree C to -100 degree C. Thermo Mechanical Analysis (TMA)(More)
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