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Meningeal involvement (MI) by non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) was seen in 38/602 patients (6.3%). In relation to histologic subtype the frequency of MI was: Follicular small cleaved and mixed cell 2/128 (1.6%), small lymphocytic and diffuse small cleaved cell 2/83 (2.4%), large cell and immunoblastic 13/295 (4.5%), small noncleaved cell 6/31 (19%),(More)
The outcome of the cervical cancer screening in Storstrøm, West Zeeland and Bornholm counties in 1979-1989 was evaluated. About 6% of the screened women had at least one non-negative smear requiring further follow-up. 2% were women with positive smears. Only 3/4 of women with positive smears were followed up within the first three months after the positive(More)
Of 602 patients treated for non-Hodgkin's lymphomas, 9 developed overt acute nonlymphocytic leukemia or preleukemia with refractory cytopenia and cytogenetic abnormalities of the bone marrow. A Kaplan-Meier estimate of the cumulative probability of leukemic complications was 6.3 +/- 2.6% (mean +/- SE) 7 years after start of treatment. All 9 patients with(More)
Long-term outcome for 127 patients with follicular low-grade lymphoma was investigated. Therapy included radiotherapy (n = 23), low toxicity chemotherapy with or without radiotherapy (n = 76), or more intensive chemotherapy (n = 22). 6 patients had no initial therapy. Complete remission was obtained in 67% of patients. For patients under 60 years of age(More)
We studied the use of Pap smears in three counties in Denmark, where the screening activity has been organized in different ways. The county of Storstrøm had an organized screening programme in 1979-82. Women aged 30-50 years were invited personally, and 91% participated. The same response rate is seen in the county of Bornholm today, where women aged 25-54(More)
Ammonium sulphate fractionation of human serum showed that two fractions contained an inhibitor of cluster and colony formation in agar cultures of human bone marrow cells. Further investigations demonstrated this inhibition to be caused by lipoproteins. When freshly prepared, only light density lipoproteins (LDL) were found to be inhibitory. During(More)
Recognition of and therapy for fungal infections of the lungs still presents problems even for the experienced clinician. The distinction between invasive mycoses of the lungs and fungal colonisations that do not require therapy is cinically difficult and can often not be made satisfactorily even with advanced microbiological diagnostics. One must(More)
Clinical data and lymphoma biopsies were analyzed in 651 patients with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in order to describe the prognostic influence of different grades of follicular architecture compared to diffuse architecture. The follicularity was graded qualitatively according to the distinctness of the pattern (intra-follicular, infiltrative follicular and(More)