H J Schoenmakers

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To study the effect of stage duration on some physiological variables in an incremental running test, 8 well-trained runners underwent 3 running tests, with stage durations of 1, 3 and 6 min. To study maximal lactate steady state (maxLASS) and its corresponding speed, every subject underwent a 4th test with three 15-min stages at three speeds, based on the(More)
To study the role of class II MHC expression in mouse lymphomagenesis, we examined the cell surface expression of I-A/E antigens on 24 spontaneous or murine leukemia virus (MuLV)-induced mouse B10.A (I-Ak, I-Ek) B cell lymphomas. Two primary B10.A B cell lymphomas were observed with strong I-Ek expression but with only minimal cell surface I-Ak expression.(More)
INTRODUCTION One important target of the development of new processes is the reduction of energy and a reduced number of equipment compared to established processes. Developing such improved processes by process integration can successfully be carried out by combining unit operations in one apparatus. Well known integrated processes are Reactive(More)
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