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75 basic research and clinical data in an attempt to derive a cohesive model which explains the behavioral effects of the drug. Johnson is an experimental psychologist, and his work underlies many of the chapters which suggest that lithium decreases the behavioral response to novel external stimuli. He then utilizes this foundation to propose a cognitive(More)
In this study, a computer-based method called finite-element analysis is used to predict the forced-frequency response of the ear, with and without an ossicular replacement prosthesis (PORP 0362, Xomed Surgical Products). The method allows visualisation of the dynamical behaviour of the tympanic membrane (TM) and of the ossicles. The finite-element model is(More)
As a student at the University of Michigan in 1983, I clearly remember Elliot Valenstein lecture to my neuropsychology class on a pet topic of his, the history of psychosurgery. Never one to linger on the routine, Valenstein told us of the competitive and prideful nature of the major proponent of psychosurgery in the U.S., Walter Freeman. As a(More)
161 basics of neonatal care, as well as provide tips to veterans in the field. Medical and nursing students, physicians, and nurses should all find Care of the Newborn an excellent and practical quick reference in non-tertiary newborn care. It is both a difficult and an enviable job that has been given me-to review the latest edition of a classic textbook(More)
Other than index problems, there is little to fault in this compact, portable, data-filled manual. I do not agree, however, that it is all that useful for non-anatomists; perhaps the author should consider another edition that excludes minutiae and instead includes functional anatomy as well as an index keyed to more convenient use. In my opinion, such a(More)
(Received 00 Month 200x; in final form 00 Month 200x) Acoustic scattering problems may be accurately posed in terms of the Boundary Elements Method (BEM). Nevertheless, the solution of the linear system of equations produced by the BEM usually requires huge computational resources which limits its applicability. The use of efficient solvers in combination(More)
Due to the ever increasing level of environmental noise that the EU population is exposed to, all countries are directed to disseminate community noise level exposures to the public in accordance with EU Directive 2002/49/EC. Environmental noise maps are used for this purpose and as a means to avoid, prevent or reduce the harmful effects caused by exposure(More)
  • Gavin Kearney, Marcin Gorzel, Frank Boland, Henry Rice
  • 2010
In this paper, we present an investigation into the perception of source depth in interactive virtual auditory environments in the context of Higher Order Ambisonic (HOA) reproduction. In particular, we investigate the accuracy of soundfield reproduction over virtual loudspeakers (headphone reproduction) with increasing Ambisonic order. Performance of 1 st(More)
A representative finite element model of the healthy ear is developed commencing with a description of the decoupled isotropic tympanic membrane. This model was shown to vibrate in a manner similar to that found both numerically (1, 2) and experimentally (8). The introduction of a fibre system into the membrane matrix significantly altered the modes of(More)
Although both auditory and visual information can influence the perceived emotion of an individual, how these modalities contribute to the perceived emotion of a crowd of characters was hitherto unknown. Here, we manipulated the ambiguity of the emotion of either a visual or auditory crowd of characters by varying the proportions of characters expressing(More)