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The reconstruction of the posterior wall of the external acoustic meatus destroyed by surgery or a cholesteatoma is necessary for the complete restoration of function. For this purpose, allogen cartilage preserved in thiomersalate has been transplanted on the anterior wall of the air-containing mastoid bone in 160 clinical cases. The histomorphological(More)
After the excision of 7 X 5 mm abdominal muscle sections in an experiment using rats, rehydrated, solvent dried dura grafts of the same size were implanted. After three hours the tissue reaction of the transplant areas were continuously examined under a light and electron microscope for 14 months. A gradual graft decomposition advancing in a coating form(More)
In 3 oxen, 24 deer, 40 common hares and 27 rabbits, the laryngeal cartilages, freed from soft tissue, were examined roentgenologically for ossification, and compared with the well-known ossification pattern of the human thyroid cartilage. In the human, the thyroid cartilage ossifies in four preferential directions: horizontal-caudal, vertical-lateral,(More)
The course of the disease in, and the necropsy on, a 46-year-old woman with partial nodular transformation of the liver are described. This is, as far as is known, the fifth case to be reported. On the basis of results obtained from clinical tests partial nodular transformation of the liver was assumed. Seven months after the first episode of haematemesis(More)
In order to avoid the potential risks of disease transmission in allograft surgery, numerous substitute materials have been described. As the biological response to implant materials is different, we undertook the following study to assess type and amount of bone ingrowth in CaP-ceramics. 105 cylindrical bone defects with a diameter of 5.4 mm were created(More)
Postoperative parenteral nutrition can only be optimally effective if the characteristics of post-traumatic metabolism are taken into account. Two main possibilities are discussed for the carbohydrate component of parenteral nutrition during this phase: glucose with high doses of insulin or non-glucose carbohydrates (sugar substitutes) possibly in a(More)
In 240 autopsy cases of both sexes, aged between 19 and 88 years and with no evidence of clinically manifest bone disease, the structure of the spongy bone and the external form of the 3rd and 5th lumbar vertebrae were investigated quantitatively and morphometrically on the basis of high-contrast X-ray images of 100 mu-thick polished bone sections, using(More)