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ion is an essential element in data modelling that appears mainly in one of the following forms: generalisation, classification or aggregation. In the design of complex products classification hierarchies can be found product families that are viewed as classes of product types, while product types are seen as classes of product instances. So far data(More)
127 Quality has been identified in the late 80s as the very core of competition in the software industry. Demonstrable high quality will become a prerequisite of survivalship for most software producing organizations. However, in software production no useful guidelines for quality management exist. In this paper we first discuss a framework for quality(More)
As a subgroup within the Esprit Working Group 21108, Integration in Manufacturing and Beyond (IiMB), the authors are concerned with the management of product related data and knowledge in the extended enterprise considering the paradigm of the learning organisation. The focus of the work is on concepts, approaches and methods for capture, maintenance,(More)
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