H. J. M. Goeman

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An active system component, the arbiter, is proposed as a system struc-turing concept for the implementation of synchronizing primitives. The concept is illustrated by showing a new and very simple implementation of the critical section with a busy form of waiting. This implementation will be reened in such a way that it does not need the commonly stated(More)
In this paper we introduce the triangular heap, a heap with the special property that for every father node its right child (if present) is smaller than its left child. We show how triangular heaps can be applied to the traditional problem of sorting an array in situ in ways quite similar to well-known methods using ordinary heaps. An average case analysis(More)
A case study in coordination as the management of dependencies is presented. The case study is concerned with the speciication of a railway control system. The railway control system coordinates train movements on a railway network respecting their timetables as much as possible. Of course, a primary requirement of the system is thereby to avoid collisions(More)
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