H J Mädler

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Endothelial barrier function depends on the integrity of intercellular adherens junctions controlled by the association of VE-cadherin/catenin complex with cortical actin filaments. Both tyrosine phosphorylation/dephosphorylation of junctional proteins and actin reorganization mediated by rho-GTPases regulate barrier function but the relationship between(More)
The performance of a new infant ventilator system had to be evaluated. Technically it is characterized by flow (V)- and pressure (P)-transducers mounted immediately near the endotracheal tube. A microcomputer works as a function generator and governs servo-controllers for V and P thus offering a multiplicity of different modes both of the conventional (CMV)(More)
ABSTRACT: The combined system of ventilator circuit, endotracheal tube, and lung commonly imposes a resistive load on spontaneous breathing efforts. It is possible to compensate for this positive resistance by a device generating a “negative ventilator resistance” (NVR), i.e. delivering a positive pressure during inspiration and a negative pressure during(More)
Infants can defend or even dynamically elevate their functional residual capacity with additional respiratory muscle work by retarding early expiratory airflow (V) with postinspiration inspiratory muscle activity and/or laryngeal narrowing, or by starting inspiration before expiration to the relaxation volume has been completed. In order to study the effect(More)
In pneumotachography, the inclusion of a pneumotachograph head in the respiratory pathway increases the apparatus dead space and the resistance to breathing. There is a strong relationship between dead space and total resistance of a pneumotachograph head at given flow and differential pressure (measuring resistance). Low total resistance compared to the(More)
The infant can defend or even elevate dynamically the functional residual capacity by additional respiratory muscles work: 1. early expiratory airflow(v) may be retarded by postinspiraton inspiratory muscle activity and/Dr laryngeal narrowing; 2. inspiration can start before expiration has been completed to the relaxation volume. To study the effect of CPAP(More)
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