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This paper presents circuit techniques to improve write and read capability for dual-port SRAM design fabricated in a 45nm low-power process. The write capability is enhanced by negative write biasing without any reduction in the cell current for the other port. The result shows 12% better improvement with just 1.9% area overhead. This technique has been(More)
Temperature is a key environmental factor in determining the population size of Cnaphalocrocis medinalis in summer. High temperatures inhibit survival, development and fecundity of this insect. However, biological responses of female and male adults to heat shock, and physiological mechanism of high temperature suppressing population development are still(More)
We designed, implemented and evaluated a new concept for direct manipulation of databases, called dynamic queries, that allows users to formulate queries with graphical widgets, such as sliders. By providing a graphical visualization of the database and search results, users can find trends and exceptions easily. Eighteen undergraduate chemistry students(More)
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