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The neuropathological staging model proposed by Braak and Braak (1991) implies that the evolution of neurofibrillary pathology follows a predictable sequence and can be ordered in a regular regional hierarchy. A total of 42 cases of an elderly population sample, which had been prospectively clinically assessed, were examined. Clinical diagnosis was made(More)
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Using an objective infrared technique, the deviation of the mean of accomodation during mono- and binocular fixation and the degree of fluctuation were measured for four male probands. 1. For two men, the additional impulse of convergence in binocular vision reduced deviation and fluctuation. 2. In every case, fluctuation and deviation increased with(More)
Pregnant rats were given caffeine (0.0%, 0.017%, 0.034% or 0.05%) in their drinking water throughout gestation. Offspring were cross-fostered to non-caffeine-treated mothers at birth. A dose-related increase in offspring mortality was observed at 24 hr and at 10 days post partum. Prenatal caffeine exposure did not significantly influence open-field(More)