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A possibility for a determination of the fine structure constant in experiments on the bound-electron g-factor is examined. It is found that studying a specific difference of the g-factors of B- and H-like ions of the same spinless isotope in the Pb region to the currently accessible experimental accuracy of 7 x 10(-10) would lead to a determination of the(More)
  • Yu A Litvinov, T J Bürvenich, +23 authors H Wollnik
  • 2005
The FRS-ESR facility at GSI provides unique conditions for precision measurements of large areas on the nuclear mass surface in a single experiment. Values for masses of 604 neutron-deficient nuclides (30 < or = Z < or = 92) were obtained with a typical uncertainty of 30 microu. The masses of 114 nuclides were determined for the first time. The odd-even(More)
This paper reviews and discusses basic knowledge of biochemical mechanisms of action of ethanol upon the central nervous system, the emphasis being on effects upon cerebral membrane structures and processes as well as mechanisms of chemical synaptic transmission. Results of detailed studies into material and steric changes in membranes, ion-dependent(More)
The mass of an atom incorporates all its constituents and their interactions. The difference between the mass of an atom and the sum of its building blocks (the binding energy) is a manifestation of Einstein's famous relation E = mc(2). The binding energy determines the energy available for nuclear reactions and decays (and thus the creation of elements by(More)
Orel oblast, Russia, is the site of a WHO demonstration project for tuberculosis control. We used data acquired by the Center for Prevention of AIDS and Infectious Diseases to show that, in this region, the seroprevalence of HIV-1 infection has increased 33-fold in 4 years. The rapid spread of HIV-1 in Russia has serious implications for control of(More)
Till now almost nothing has been published about normal liquor findings in spinal cord tumours. Out of 503 cases there were normal findings of total proteins and cells in 30 cases (6 per cent). A connection with the severity of the compression-syndrome was not evident. Nevertheless liquor examinations are important in diseases of the medulla spinalis. This(More)
The paper is concerned with an attempt to generalize and categorize current hypotheses on the biochemical basis of ECT. The hypotheses are critically evaluated with respect to the relevance of their experimental fundamentals. Thus, certain hypotheses are valid only in a qualified sense. Particular interest is focussed on those conceptions which try to(More)
The paper describes statistical relationship between prealbumin and total protein in lumbal CSF of a control group and a total group of patients with neurological diseases. The equations of the regression lines and the boundary lines of the distribution areas did not significantly differ between both groups. Therefore, prealbumin seems to be not qualified(More)
This paper describes the lithium distribution in the organs of two manic-depressive women who died following lithium intoxication. In both cases intoxication was observed during and after an acute phase of epidemic influenza accompanied by diarrhoea. The patients died from cerebral failure 5 and 7 days after receiving their last lithium dose. Death could(More)