H. J. Kadim

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  • H. J. Kadim
  • 2007 ECSIS Symposium on Bio-inspired, Learning…
  • 2007
A system or a process could be viewed as a set of events being executed in a particular manner to satisfy certain objectives. The assertion and execution of an event(s) may be governed by a set of parameters, internal and external to the system. Variation in parameters may impair the functionality of the system, with potentially undesirable consequences. To(More)
With the continued scaling of feature sizes in deep undershoots obtained may not be real undershoots. Chen and submicron technology, on-chip interconnects have become a Gupta [10] presented a closed-form model for crosstalk dominant factor affecting performance and reliability in high excitation and propagation in VLSI circuits. The model performance(More)
  • H. J. Kadim
  • 2008 Bio-inspired, Learning and Intelligent…
  • 2008
The widespread use of smart sensors, particularly, in applications that require continuous tracking and monitoring of mobile objects is contributed to their low cost, small size and high performance. With reference to military applications, both passive and active sensors have been used to counteract stealth technologies, which represent serious growing(More)
  • H. J. Kadim
  • 2010 International Conference on Emerging…
  • 2010
The increasing economical benefits achieved through globalisation and trade liberalisation have lead to the growing economical interdependency between countries, large and small. Such interdependency would surely impact existing defence and security strategies and policies. The warfare thinking that focuses on massive retaliation and total destruction may(More)