H. J. Humpstone

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we habitually use some such methods of combining impressions, and the results obtained from these tests are more significant if the methods of apprehension and reproduction are like those ordinarily used. HVIemory span test was first proposed and used by Jacobs, an English philosopher, and the results were reported by him in 1887. He used digits and(More)
In arriving at a final diagnosis in a clinical examination the examiner should be able to state the specific defects and abilities of the individual and give some estimate of their extent. No matter what tests are used, whether the estimates are stated or not there is in every examination an analysis of the performances of the subject, and the(More)
write here, but to understand the significance of the results obtained by the use of the tests it is necessary to know something of their genesis. In 1904 Binet was appointed by the French Ministry of Public Instruction a member of a commission to take charge of the study of measurements for the insuring of the benefits of instruction for defective(More)
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