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BACKGROUND & AIMS Until now, the basic matrix-producing cell type responsible for pancreas fibrosis has not been identified. In this report, retinoid-containing pancreatic stellate cells (PSCs) in rat and human pancreas are described, and morphological and biochemical similarities to hepatic stellate cells are shown. METHODS Electron and(More)
The viroid of the potato spindle tuber disease (PSTV) is a covalently closed ring of 359 ribonucleotides. As a result of intramolecular base pairing, a serial arrangement of double-helical sections and internal loops form a unique rod-like secondary structure. PSTV is the first pathogen of a eukaryotic organism for which the complete molecular structure has(More)
An increasing number of mammalian cell adhesion molecules, including sialoadhesion, CD22 and the family of selectins, have been found to bind cell surface glycoconjugates containing sialic acids. Here we describe how the structural diversity of this sugar influences cell adhesion mediated by the related molecules sialoadhesin and CD22 in murine macrophages(More)
The S protein of bovine coronavirus (BCV) has been isolated from the viral membrane and purified by gradient centrifugation. Purified S protein was identified as a viral hemagglutinin. Inactivation of the cellular receptors by sialate 9-O-acetylesterase and generation of receptors by sialylation of erythrocytes with N-acetyl-9-O-acetylneuraminic acid(More)
The DNA of the recombinant phage lambda gtWES Mr974 (GRUMMT et al., 1979) which contains the 18S region and adjacent spacer sequences of the ribosomal genes from mouse has been digested with the restriction endonuclease SalI. Fragments corresponding to the non-transcribed spacer (A and D) and the external transcribed spacer (B) have been prepared and their(More)
The siglecs, formerly called sialoadhesins, are a family of I-type lectins binding to sialic acids on the cell surface. Five members of this family have been identified: sialoadhesin, myelin-associated glycoprotein (MAG), Schwann cell myelin protein (SMP), CD22 and CD33. We have investigated the relevance of substituents at position C-9 and in the N-acetyl(More)
Eukaryotic tRNAs are synthesized in the nucleus and need to be exported to the cytoplasm where they function in translation. tRNA export is mediated by exportin-t, which binds tRNA directly and with high affinity. tRNAs are initially synthesized as precursor molecules. Maturation to functional tRNA takes place in the nucleus, precedes export, and includes(More)
The hypothetical replicase or replicase subunit cistron in the 5'-proximal part of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) RNA yields a major 126-K protein and a minor 183-K ;readthrough' protein in vivo and in vitro. Two natural suppressor tRNAs were purified from uninfected tobacco plants on the basis of their ability to promote readthrough over the corresponding UAG(More)
A flow cytometric assay was developed to detect rare cancer cells in blood and bone marrow. Multiple markers; each identified by a separate color of immunofluorescence (yellow and two shades of red), are used to reliably identify the cancer cells. Blood or bone marrow cells, which are not of interest but interfere in detecting the cancer cells, are(More)