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To understand the CO2 concentration mechanism in the phaeophyte kelp Saccharina japonica, a full-length complementary DNA (cDNA) encoding carbonic anhydrase (CA) was cloned from the gametophytes based on the two screened clones from a suppressive subtracted cDNA library. The cDNA sequence was composed of 2,804 bp in length, including a 166-bp(More)
We report intrinsic current-voltage properties of ZnO nanowire measured by a four-tip scanning tunneling microscopy ͑F-STM͒. It is found that after bending the nanowire with the F-STM the conductance is reduced by about five orders of magnitude. The cathodoluminescent spectra indicate that the ZnO nanowires contain a sizable amount of defects in the surface(More)
The self-assembly of 4,4′-biphenyldicarboxylic acid on a Au(111) surface is investigated by means of in situ ultra-high-vacuum scanning tunneling microscopy. Three types of open networks with increasing interpore distance are observed. Experiments and theoretical calculations reveal that the two-dimensional porous networks are stabilized by various types of(More)
Despite the development of crystal engineering, it remains a great challenge to predict the crystal structure even for the simplest molecules, and a clear link between molecular and crystal symmetry is missing in general. Here we demonstrate that the two-dimensional (2D) crystallization of heterocirculenes on a Au(111) surface is greatly affected by the(More)
Dopamine regulates pain perception in some areas of the central nervous system. Previously, we have confirmed that dopamine potentiated the electric activities of the evoked discharges of pain-excited neurons (PENs) and inhibited those of pain-inhibited neurons (PINs) in the parafascicular nucleus (Pfn) of normal rats. The mechanism of action of dopamine on(More)
We modelled the adsorption of benzene, fluorobenzene and meta-di-fluorobenzene on Cu(110) by Density Functional Theory. We found that the adsorption configuration depends on the coverage. At high coverage, benzene assumes a tilted position, while at low coverage a horizontal slightly distorted geometry is favoured. Functionalizing the benzene ring with one(More)
The paper reports on the discussions at the ONR Workshop on Fracture Scaling. held at University of Maryland in June I Y9Y, under the chairmanship of Z.P. Bazant and Y.O.S. Rajapakse. The workshop dealt with size effects in structural failure and s~ale bridging in mechanics of materials. The lectures at the Workshop were published in Volume 95 of this(More)
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