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Two rod-shaped haloarchaeal strains, A1 and A2, were isolated from a bore core from a salt mine in Austria. The deposition of the salt is thought to have occurred during the Permian period (225–280(More)
Two airborne bacterial isolates, NS/2 and NS/50(T), were examined in order to determine their taxonomic position. Their almost complete 16S rRNA gene sequences shared 95.9 % similarity. Sequence(More)
A group of 13 strains was isolated from samples of biofilm formation on the mural paintings of the Servilia tomb (necropolis of Carmona, Spain) and the Saint-Catherine chapel (castle at Herberstein,(More)
Two facultatively oligotrophic, intensely yellow-pigmented bacterial strains, RE35F/1T and RE10F/45, have been previously isolated from the western Mediterranean Sea (Bay of Calvi, Corsica, France)(More)
A collection of eight strains, NF 1366(T), NF 450, NF 1101, NF 1107, NF 1123, NF 1413, CCUG 15260 and CCUG 15624, from various clinical origins, were characterized biochemically as similar to(More)