H. J. Bertin

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A two-scale modeling of solute transport in double-porosity media under unsaturated water flow conditions is presented. The macroscopic model was developed by applying the asymptotic homogenization method. It is based on theoretical and empirical considerations dealing with the orders of magnitude of characteristic quantities involved in the process. For(More)
This study presents a macroscopic double-porosity dispersion model for unsaturated water flow conditions, developed by asymptotic homogenization method. The model shows a coupling between the concentrations in the micro-and macro-porosity domains (local non-equilibrium), resulting in an early breakthrough and a long tail effects. A series of one-dimensional(More)
We show that the recombination energy of the direct band gap photoluminescence of germanium can be controlled by an external mechanical stress. The deformation is provided by an apparatus used for blister test. This strain leads to a significant change of the room temperature direct band gap recombination of germanium. An energy red-shift up to 60 meV is(More)
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