H. Iwakura

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With regard to the motions of standing up from and sitting down on a chair, and standing quietly for thirty seconds, forty normal adults (ten young males, ten young females, ten elderly males and ten elderly females) and ten hemiparetics were compared by use of a force plate and an electrogoniometer. The hemiparetics had the following characteristics: (1) A(More)
Aging is associated with a decrease in growth hormone (GH) secretion, appetite and energy intake. As ghrelin stimulates both GH secretion and appetite, reductions in ghrelin levels may be involved in the reductions in GH secretion and appetite observed in the elderly. However, only preliminary studies have been performed on the role of ghrelin in elderly(More)
Automatic generation of fast Hadamard transform (FHT) algorithms through genetic programming is studied. The design of FHT algorithms is viewed as a search in the space of linear algorithms employing restricted types of coefficients. A generic circuit that can realize all algorithms belonging to this space is proposed. The goal is to automatically find an(More)
BACKGROUND There have been several reports on neonates with milk allergy in a neonatal ward. This type of allergy is mostly categorized as a non-IgE-mediated food allergy. Although most cases of milk allergy occur in the first few months of life, the differences in clinical characteristics between premature and full-term neonates are still unclear. (More)
We describe a self contained electronic device for controlling the limb loads exerted by patients having one affected foot and using a walking aid. The device measures the limb load with a thin capacitative transducer attached to the sole of the patient's shoe, and operates in two basic modes. In the first mode the device compares the load with two preset(More)
A locomotion study was performed on a hemipelvectomy amputee wearing a prosthesis. The experimental arrangement described in this paper, combining joint motion developed during walking, a computer analysis of the force pattern between the foot and ground and plotting of pressure point on the foot print, has enabled detailed investigation with demonstration(More)
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