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A 120-GHz-band wireless link that uses millimeter-wave (MMW) photonic techniques was developed. The output power and noise characteristics of 120-GHz-band MMWs generated by converting a 125-GHz optical subcarrier signal were evaluated. It was then shown that the noise characteristics of the 125-GHz signal generated with these photonic technologies is(More)
This paper proposes transmission line interconnect, which achieves high speed and low power consumption for global interconnects. The delay time and power consumption are evaluated at 4 Gbps signal frequency. RLC differential transmission line is faster than RC line when interconnect length is over 2.4 mm. RLC line has lower power consumption than RC line(More)
This paper presents a reconfigurable RF circuit architecture for Multi-band Wireless Chip. The circuit can be reconstructed and tuned to various applications and the best configuration by itself. Multi-band VCO using an on-chip variable inductor achieves tuning range of 37.8%, which is one of the key circuits of reconfigurable RF circuit.
A biological screening study of an actinomycetes strain assembly was conducted using a cell-based cytotoxicity assay. The CKK1019 strain was isolated from a sea sand sample. Cytotoxicity-guided fractionation of the CKK1019 strain culture broth, which exhibited cytotoxicity, led to the isolation of chromomycins A2 (1) and A3 (2). 1 and 2 showed potent(More)
Two genes, coding for the HincII from Haemophilus influenzae Rc restriction-modification system, were cloned and expressed in Escherichia coli RR1. Their DNA sequences were determined. The HincII methylase (M.HincII) gene was 1,506 base pairs (bp) long, corresponding to a protein of 502 amino acid residues (Mr = 55,330). The HincII endonuclease (R.HincII)(More)
To determine whether alterations in oncogenes are associated with tumour progression and metastasis, DNAs from 32 metastatic tumour samples of different sites in 12 autopsy cases of gastric carcinomas were analysed for alterations of ERBB, ERBB2, HST1, INT2 and LMYC genes by Southern blot hybridisation. DNAs from 89 primary gastric carcinomas including 69(More)
Differential transmission line (DTL) interconnect is promising for global signal propagation in multilevel interconnect structure in Si CMOS. Gbps signal transmission through DTL on Si CMOS is discussed. We have also shown that the both delay time and power consumption of DTL global interconnect are become superior to that of the conventional RC global(More)