H. I. Epstein

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It is a well-known empirical result that differentiation, especially higher order differentiation, of simple expressions can lead to long and complex expressions. In this paper we give some theoretical results that help to explain this phenomenon. In particular we show that in certain representations there exist expressions whose representations require(More)
This paper uses elementary algebraic methods to obtain new proofs for theorems on algebraic relationships between the logarithmic and exponential functions. The main result is a multivariate version of a special case of the structure theorem due to Risch that gives, in a very explicit fashion, the possible algebraic relationships between the exponential and(More)
Let X be a compact Kähler manifold with strictly pseudoconvex boundary, Y. In this setting, the SpinC Dirac operator is canonically identified with ∂̄ + ∂̄∗ : C∞(X ; Λ) → C∞(X ; Λ). We consider modifications of the classical ∂̄-Neumann conditions that define Fredholm problems for the SpinC Dirac operator. In part 2, [7], we use boundary layer methods to(More)
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