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In order to ensure that digital evidence is collected, preserved, examined, or transferred in a manner safeguarding the accuracy and reliability of the evidence, law enforcement and digital forensic units must establish and maintain an effective quality assurance system. The very first part of this system is standard operating procedures (SOP's) and/or(More)
In this study, the LabVIEW modeling of a permanent magnet synchronous generator that will be used in wind turbine and the voltage control with artificial neural networks on the model are done. Typically synchronous, asynchronous and direct current generators are used in wind turbines. In the scope of this study, synchronous generators are preferred due to(More)
In Turkey, there are many exams for transition to a higher education institution. These exams are all stages of life and have a great importance in the lives of students. As the severity rating of the exam, particularly students, parents and teachers are affected and exams create anxiety for students. Examination results are very important in shaping the(More)
In this study, parallel connection of separate voltage sources has been realized using cuk converters. For this aim, output voltages of converters are measured continuously and then fixed to a reference value. The PWM signals which are required to control the converters and to sense the current and voltage signals are generated by an FPGA. Since the FPGA(More)
Nowadays, there are several difficulties are met in the selection of appropriate conditions, place of use, and purpose of photovoltaic (PV) systems. The reason is that electrical power output of PV system shows a non-linear variation, unlike other applications, depending on the internal resistance of electrical devices (loads) as well as radiation intensity(More)
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