H. Hübers

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Schottky diodes are well-known nonlinear elements allowing for effective detection and mixing of electromagnetic radiation in the range through microwave to terahertz. Although less sensitive than their superconducting counterparts, they generally do not require cooling that makes them the devices of choice for applications where the ultimate sensitivity is(More)
We report on a heterodyne terahertz spectrometer based on a fully integrated 557-GHz receiver and a digital fast Fourier transform spectrometer. The receiver consists of a chain of multipliers and power amplifiers, followed by a heterostructure barrier varactor tripler that subharmonically pumps a membrane GaAs Schottky diode mixer. All sub-components are(More)
A novel imaging modality for passive THz scanners is described. The method relies on the phase-sensitive detection of THz radiation which is emitted or reflected from the object under investigation. A blackbody which is implemented in the imaging system provides a reference source. By alternate viewing of the scene and the reference source, phase-sensitive(More)
We present systematic measurements of the temperature dependence of detection efficiencies in TaN and NbN superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors. We have observed a clear increase of the cut-off wavelength with decreasing temperature that we can qualitatively describe with a temperature-dependent diffusion coefficient of the quasi-particles(More)
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