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Daniel J. Benjamin, James O. Berger, Magnus Johannesson, Brian A. Nosek, E.-J. Wagenmakers, Richard Berk, Kenneth A. Bollen, Björn Brembs, Lawrence Brown, Colin Camerer, David Cesarini, Christopher D. Chambers, Merlise Clyde, Thomas D. Cook, Paul De Boeck, Zoltan Dienes, Anna Dreber, Kenny Easwaran, Charles Efferson, Ernst Fehr, Fiona Fidler, Andy P. Field,(More)
Exposure to premonitory sensations and response prevention of tics (ER) has been shown to be a promising new treatment for Tourette's syndrome (TS). The present study tested the hypothesis that habituation to unpleasant premonitory sensations associated with the tic is an underlying mechanism of change in ER. Patients rated the severity of sensations and(More)
BACKGROUND The long-term effectiveness of parent training for children with externalizing behaviour problems under routine care within the German health care system is unclear. We report the 1-year follow-up results of the parent training component of the Prevention Program for Externalizing Problem Behaviour (PEP) for 270 children aged 3-10 years with(More)
The aim of this study was to examine the psychometric characteristics of the childhood health assessment questionnaire-disability index (CHAQ-DI). Seventy-six patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), age range 4.8–15.8 years, completed a CHAQ questionnaire one or more times. In total, 321 CHAQ questionnaires were available for analysis. Factor(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the discriminative validity of the Dutch Pediatric Evaluation of Disability Inventory (PEDI) to differentiate functional status between children with and without disabilities. DESIGN Cross-sectional study. SETTING A university children's hospital in the Netherlands. PARTICIPANTS A clinical sample comprising 197 children with(More)
MOTIVATION Finding genes that are preferentially expressed in a particular tissue or condition is a problem that cannot be solved by standard statistical testing procedures. A relatively unknown procedure that can be used is the intersection-union test (IUT). However, two disadvantages of the IUT are that it is conservative and it conveys only the(More)
Inequality constraints among class specific probabilities can be used to assign a specific meaning to the classes in a latent class model. Different models arise if different sets of constraints are used. In this paper, model selection using Bayes factors, and, (pseudo) likelihood ratio statistics evaluated using posterior predictive p-values, will be(More)
In many types of statistical modeling inequality constraints are imposed between the parameters of interest. As we will show in this paper, the DIC (i.e., posterior Deviance Information Criterium as proposed as a Bayesian model selection tool by Spiegelhalter et al., 2002) fails when comparing inequality constrained hypotheses. In this paper we will derive(More)
For many reasons it is preferable to use established health related outcome instruments. The validity of an instrument, however, can be affected when used in another culture or language other than what it was originally developed. In this paper, the outcome on functional status measurement using a preliminary version of the Dutch translated ‘Pediatric(More)