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Autoantigen-specific T-lymphocytes are present in patients with autoimmune disease and in normal subjects. Little is currently known about the temporal variation (dynamics) of the immune repertoire of these autoreactive T cells. We analysed the long-term variation of the immune repertoire of T cells specific for myelin basic protein (MBP) in five untreated(More)
In a herd of 23 ewes of the White Alp breed, a congenital epitheliogenesis imperfecta was observed in five twin-births. All lambs originated from the same father. Except in one case, only one of the twins was affected. Characteristic lesions were epidermal defects between the coronary groove and the carpal/tarsal joint, exungulation, and defects in the(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this prospective observational trial was to report the analysis of the midterm efficacy, safety, and discontinuation rates of a cohort of ocular hypertensive patients treated with latanoprost in Germany. METHODS A subanalysis of patients with ocular hypertension who were previously treated on latanoprost monotherapy and continued(More)
PURPOSE To compare the accuracy of digital luminescence radiography (DLR) and conventional film-screen radiography (FSR) in diagnosing fractures. MATERIAL AND METHOD Both conventional and digital radiographs were acquired from a consecutive series of 57 patients with suspected wrist or hand fractures. The digital images were obtained with a 30% dose(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of the present study consists in an updated review of recent progress in the field of autologous blood supply. At different medical centers, autologous blood products are collected by quite different procedures, which may be applied during pre-, intra- and/or postoperative periods according the technical possibilities of the local(More)
The blood-flow can be measured with the method of "tracer microspheres". In 15 adult shepherd-dog bastards the blood-flow in the bones of the posterior extremity was determined. The blood-flow in callous bone is 6 times higher than in cortical bone. The values for blood-flow are decreasing from the proximal to the distal end, in cortical as well as in(More)
Es wird über die Technik der Durchblutungsmessung mit der “tracer microspheres”-Methode berichtet. Bei 15 ausgewachsenen Schäferhundbastarden wurde mit dieser Methode die Durchblutung der Knochen der hinteren Extremität gemessen. Die Durchblutung der Spongiosa ist ca. 6fach stärker als die der Kortikalis. Die Durchblutungswerte sowohl für die Kortikalis als(More)
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