H. Hibi

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OBJECTIVES We reviewed the results of percutaneous ureteral incisions for ureteroenteroanastomotic stricture using the holmium laser. METHODS We performed this procedure through a 6.9-F flexible ureteroscope on 3 ureters in 3 patients. Balloon dilation was not necessary prior to insertion of the ureteroscope. The stricture was incised with the holmium(More)
The characteristics of occlusal facets are important criteria used in the functional assessment of the stomatognathic system. A new system of optically quantifying the facets using a graphic image-processor has been developed, which makes it possible to measure the area and the inclination angles of each facet in the frontal and sagittal sections. In this(More)
Subcutaneous needle electrodes made of stainless steel were newly devised for ease of handling and perfect insulation. This needle (phi 0.20 mm) is used for acupuncture. The electrodes had the capability to record the EMG activity easily from a certain muscle. Then, the EMG activities of the masseter muscle were recorded with both these needle electrodes(More)
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