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Several fenestrated capillaries were seen in the endoneurium of trigeminal and dorsal root ganglia from two young adult albino rats treated with tetraethylthiuram disulfide. The finding is regarded as normal, although the possibility exists that intoxication with tetraethylthiuram disulfide may have enhanced the intensity and/or rate of this cytologic(More)
Unlike lymphocytes, blood monocytes possess in their cytoplasm peroxidase-positive (azurophil) granules (ppg) which largely correspond to the homonymous organelles of neutrophil granulocytes. We tested whether ppg, demonstrated cytochemically at the submicroscopic level, could serve as markers of monocyte-derived reactive mononuclear cells in encephalitic(More)
SUMMARY Hybrid cell line 108CC5, obtained by fusion of N18TG2 mouse neuroblastoma and C6BU1 rat glioma lines, was injected intracranially or s.c. into nude mice. The tissues of the resultant intracranial and s.c. tumors were processed for light, phase, and electron microscopy. For comparison, the tumors induced by inoculation of the parent lines in the(More)
Brain tissue specimens were obtained early post mortem from the frontal lobe of seven unselected elderly subjects known to have been free of neurologic disease. Electron microscopically, two types of intramitochondrial inclusions were seen in four of seven cases. In two cases a few astrocyte mitochondria of the gyral white matter showed dense, elongated(More)
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